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Who We Are

Our key core experiences at TechnicSys lie in the manufacturing and production of our patented bone conduction transducers from 2016. The company stems from professional disciplines, a team of diverse professionals, backgrounds in sales specialists to computer engineers to audiologists, and the creative expertise of audio sound developers at TechnicSys division. TechnicSys strives to continuously grow with the knowledge & expertise in conducting and translating sound wave frequencies. Developing products to provide a sense of our surroundings and provide our immersive sensations of feeling sound through TechnicSys bone conduction audio technologies.

Our mission at TechnicSys is to consistently test the waves of what is possible next. Our motive for intelligent commitments to bring to the user experiences, and what they really need now towards moving into the future is our objectives. We bring bone conduction soundwaves to life by transforming them into immersive experiences, and developing innovative products for our users’ applications.

Our Vision

At TechnicSys, our vision is to develop and provide world-class audio sound wave technology in bone conduction audio devices that offers the best features with quality that will perform and last for good.

We design & manufacture bone conduction audio headphones with our patented transducer technology components. TechnicSys production is initiated by planning ethically, with our dedication to the environment and sustainability factors in manufacturing production processes.

TechnicSys then ensures that the product is well designed and delivered to the end-user in its purest form. With these practices, our commitment, and disciplines are to engineer bone conduction audio devices that provide immersive sound experiences for the users’ application requirements.

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