TechnicSys patent designed transducers provide low frequency bone conduction vibration delivering sound into your cochlea effectively & with precise audio clarity fidelity. TechnicSys offers the latest in Bluetooth Connectivity & Voice Assistance Intelligence Features. Connectivity is crucial that is why TechnicSys Bluetooth Super Chip Low Latency makes a difference without any drop outs or feedbacks. Patent DNS-Net Algorithm Noise Reduction for the best in a communication device. You are able to pair with 2 devices at the same time. You are also able to use our brand underwater when you swim. Fully waterproof ready for sports. Our brand also offers 8GB of Built-in Memory for a truly independent device. Can we also say that we have the best design for a subdued look of the SEAHORSE?

Bone conduction headphones are safer than traditional headphones due to their design and implementation. Since they aren’t driven air into your ears they have less chance to cause hearing issues directly related to your ear drum that normal headphones can cause when played too loud and long.

According to scientific research, and by some audiologists using bone conduction headphones has proven in some cases with the hearing impaired that some frequencies have been lost, bone conduction headphones may help restore some lost frequencies that can also prove helpful in assisting improved hearing through bone conductions sound wave technologies.

In short, bone conduction headphones can be for people experiencing certain types of hearing loss, depending on the part of the ear affected. Sound waves directly travel straight to the cochlea, from the inner ear the sound waves may help to restore lost frequencies. Not only that, they aren’t worn directly in or on the ear. They are often more comfortable to wear when using hearing aids, and less likely to produce feedback.

Keep aware of your surroundings, have better sense of spatial awareness while still experiencing sound.

How often have you been immersed in your favorite music, completely unaware that someone is trying to get your attention? It’s a common problem when you can’t hear what is going on around you.

With bone conduction headphones, though, your ears are free, you don’t need to turn off your music, or audio source to know what is happening around you. Being able to stay aware of your surroundings while still listening to your sound is a huge advantage of bone conduction headphones. Therefore, bone conduction headphones can also serve as a secondary audio source.

At TechnicSys our design and manufacturing experience lies in the user experiences needs. We maintain rigourres testing on all of our product components and developments. We ensure not only the user has the best in sound quality but also durability, style, features, and while still maintain the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Our skin life like TPC silicone material with titanium makes sure that it fits snug and feels very comfortable without any pressure on your head. These headphones are comfortable to use no matter how you wear them. Some users even use our devices to fall asleep at night without any issues with fatigue.

Bluetooth latest 5.2 utilizes the lowest power consumption to run and achieves far better performance resulting in running longer on a single battery charge while connected with Bluetooth. Another feature of Bluetooth 5.2 that stands out is the Dual Audio function, which allows you to play music simultaneously on two connected devices much stable without any dropouts in calls, audio transmission, or connectivity. Bluetooth 5.2 offers a much higher data transfer rate at almost 3 Megabytes per (MB/s) second. Twice, then more the speed of Standard Bluetooth 4.0, & 5.0. Now with Bluetooth 5.2 technology you can enjoy uncompressed high-resolution quality audio files, with lower battery consumption and a much more stable and longer operation range.

In addition, the transmission rate can bring you a much faster data transfer rate than CD-quality audio. The high data transfer on Bluetooth 5.2 is more advantageous for consuming content that requires high bandwidth, such as HD or FHD videos, while the bitrate of a CD is much higher (1411 Kbps vs LDAC 990 Kbps), which provides much better sound quality than music played on Bluetooth. The end-to-end delay provided by this technology when transmitting via Bluetooth is no more than 23 ms. Especially for the gaming community, we say TechnicSys SEAHORSE & SEAHORSE+ models are Meta Ready and ready for the gaming community. Just find out when you gaming why we say feel your sounds. Supports all major codecs. (AAC, OGG, VORBIS, FLAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF).

*Now updated to Bluetooth version 5.3 with enhanced performance.*

Many professions require both regular communication and situational awareness. Policing, and tactical training for example, need to remain alert about their surroundings. Wearing earpieces can be a danger, because they may not be able to hear and react to a dangerous situation. With bone conduction headphones, they are able to maintain communication with their team while remaining safe and situational awareness. Athletes such as runners and cyclists also benefit from bone conduction headphones. Outdoor sports, such as paintball, or any activity require a certain level of awareness to keep safe. Using bone conduction headphones allows users to remain alert to their environment and focus on the situational needs.

For communications, and call centers, bone conduction headsets can be very effective in maintaining stereo communications. Applications for cloud network meetings, while still using two devices proves to be efficient in communication productivity. Don’t suffer from bad feedback signals, or choppiness, and dropouts with audio transmission or communications.

For gamers and media producers TechnicSys bone conduction headphones are Meta Ready. Experience immersive sound waves through bone conduction headphones. For the audiophiles, Feel your Sound with clarity with TechnicSys Soundwave. For the swimmers, swim with your SEAHORSE. TechnicSys Bone Conduction headphones headphones can also be worn with safety helmets and other gears.

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